Fiber Optic Internet Installation

As people move away from the traditional internet setup, fiber optic installation gives homeowners a stronger means to connect. Understanding the process may seem difficult, but understanding the installation process makes the switch simple.

The first step is locating the network panel. After locating it, you will need to run a fiber optic cable to the panel. This will allow you to later replace the cable modem with a fiber optic modem.

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The typical location for this fiber optic cable will be the side of the house near the main electrical panel.

From here, the next step should be to hire someone with experience installing fiber optic internet. This is important because the knowledge of properly running the lines without harming oneself is vital to the process. Attempting to do the job yourself can lead to unnecessary harm and can lead to damaging the home as well.

Next, install the fiber optic modem. When installing the modem, you will need a cable to connect to a power supply, a fiber optic cable, and a cat6 cable that will connect the modem to the router. All of these are required for the modem to be able to function.

For additional information about fiber optic internet installation, please review the attached video.


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