How Preparatory Schools Can Give Students Corporate Experience

Are there good preparatory schools in your area? Would you like to send your child to one of them but are concerned about the costs? This video gives insight into the little-known partnerships that many prep schools have formed with businesses and professional firms in their community.

Preparatory schools tend to provide their students with an excellent education. They are the best way to prepare students for the exams, evaluations, and intellectual rigors needed to get into and through the country’s top colleges.

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Such prep schools are no longer exclusively for children of the rich. Many households of modest means have sent their kids to excellent prep schools through a work-study program.

In these programs, students are hired at entry-level positions at partner organizations and work one day a week. The goal is for students to leave high school with four years of real work experience. Law firms, financial services companies, and cultural centers are among the many types of organizations that offer students jobs. Being part of this program gives students hands-on training and helps offset their tuition. For many students, it allows them to be the first in their families to go to college. Now you know all about how prep schools offer students corporate experience.


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