The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Enclosure Design

If you have ever tried to waterproof any electrical or electronic system, you know that it is not easy. The good news is that there is expert advice out there on offer for free. One such resource is the DBK USA YouTube channel. They have made this informative video entitled ‘A Practical Guide to Electronic Enclosure Design.’ Be sure to watch it for the best expert advice available and read on for more information regarding free standing¬†electronic enclosures.

Video Source

  1. Use advanced sealing materials
    Many rubber sealing strips and adhesives will not last long in changing conditions. Be sure to choose the right ones.
  2. Use rain shelter construction
    Doors, hatches, and portals should be built with an upper lip overhang that directs rain away from openings.
  3. Use corrosion-resistant materials
    Rust-resistant materials should be used in all free standing electronic enclosures.
  4. Test your work
    Before trusting critical electronics to outdoor conditions, it’s a good idea to test them first.
  5. Inspect your work regularly
    Check your enclosure inside and out at least once a week to ensure dangerous conditions are not present.

These days, many functional and durable free standing electronic enclosures can stand up to even the harshest weather. These have made outdoor electronics something of the norm. Don’t forget to tune in to the DBK USA YouTube channel for more authoritative advice. Subscribe for even more practical tips.


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